Blue/green Dragonfly
garden stake

Best sellers!!!!

Dragonfly Garden Stakes add a beautiful, glistening accent to your garden.  Place them in your flower beds, mixed in with ornamental grasses, possibly hovering in a planter!

Professionally treated metal base, comes with a detachable 36” pole.  Easily attach the dragonfly to the pole with a nut and screw (included), position of the dragonfly can be adjusted to your personal preference!

Blue and green - opaque, translucent and iridescent glass beads and tiles.

The wings are created with an iridescent finish which sparkles and shines when reflecting light!

Please refer to shipping on Dragonfly Stakes.  You will be charged the higher price when ordering then I will refund any overcharge within hours of receiving the order and dependant on your shipping zip code.
You may also contact me (message me at 360-593-3992) for a quote  before hand if your skeptical. Thanks!  

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My garden art products that are "ready made" ship in 1-2 days, weekends add a day or 2 more! 

I ship in USPS flat rate boxes for most of my products. 
The shipping runs from $10.00 to $22.00 depending on the size of rocks!

If possible, I will ship multiple items in one box to save you some $$$ 

Shipping on garden stakes are via UPS and generally run about $12-$23 (the price is elevated because of the length of the package as it includes the 36" pole), depending on your zip code. I can ship 1 to 3 dragonflies in one package and the shipping price is the same 12-23 depending on your zip code.

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