No shows listed for this year!
I am some what retiring from thw show cirquit, I hold the right
to change my mind at any time!!! :)

I am dedicating my time to updating my
online class, and
offering more Studio classes!!!

In person studio classes info listed below

So excited to see many of you there!

Online and Studio

Classes and Events


Dragonfly 'Mosaic' Rocks Online Tutorial Class

In this class Carol introduces you to her complete process in creating Mosaic Dragonfly Rocks! My Trade secrets revealed: my finishing technique, favorite adhesives and additives. The techniques shared can be used in an array of outdoor applications.

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Online Class


Studio classes
 Mosaic Rocks Workshop Getaways!

These classes will be offered in my home town of Ocean Shores, Wa.
An Ocean Get-Away! 
How great does that sound!!

        My workshops are perfect for learning the basics of mosaics and the art of creating long lasting,
        weather resistant garden art!
        The process you will learn can be used in many outdoor applications!

In my in Studio workshops you will be instructed, by myself, through my complete process of creating
my own personal style of 'Mosaic Rocks' 

My classes are a 2 day event.
Day 1 design! 
Day 2 grout!

I will introduce you to the best tools for scoring, cutting and shaping glass and tiles.
Design and layout ideas.
Creating flowers with tiles, stained glass and beads.
My preferred adhesives, grout and additives

Materials included.

Looking forward to creating with you :)


Dragonfly Rock Class

Day 1

We will be designing and creating a beautiful dragonfly or hummingbird rock with stained glass flowers and tiles.
We start out with a presentation of my glass cutiing techniques to create flower petal, leaves and more!
I will have precut flowers and leaves for you to use in your design to simplify the process. No worries about cutting glass at this point! That comes at the end of day one.

I will work closely with each of you every step of the way!
I keep my classes small as to have time to assist each of you personally, on both days 1 and 2. 
I got you! These clases are fun fun!!!

Day 2

We will work together to learn my unique grouting process which will result in a design that appears to be fossilized into the rock!                                                                                             

You will go home with a beautiful new piece of garden art
                                     created by,


Interested in a private class?! Minimum of 3-4 students  
Get some friends and family together and lets create a personal class!
Class price is per person :)

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                   Water Feature Rock Class

In this class we will be creating a bubbling water feature rock
with a hovering dragonfly!
We follow the curriculum of the Dragonfly Rock Class with a few added bonuses! 

I will share with you a few ideas of how you can display your beautiful new water feature rocks. You may already have your own ideas! I will have available, the starter supplies needed to set up a beautiful floral water feature display, if you wish :)

Dragonfly rocks Water feature 
class summary

In my mosaic class you will learn the basics of mosaics:
The best tools, adhesives and glass materials for creating outdoor garden mosaics.

You will learns to use wheeled nippers and glass scorers to create glass flowers and petals. The correct way to best use clear and white adhesives. Design ideas for the creation of a Dragonfly Rock water feature and a metal dragonfly which will hover over the bubbling mosaic rock!

All material and supplies and tools are included
You will go home with a beautifully designed mosaic fountain rock
with a companion dragonfly stake which will hover above the mosaic!

I will have stained glass and tiles precut in a variety of colors and shapes for you to use in the design of your fountain rocks. There will be tiles and beads to add to your designs!

We are going to save practicing cutting the flowers yourself until after you design your water feature rock. It can be a bit overwhelming for most students to try to get an idea of design while also taking on the task of learning new glass cutting techniques. 

We’ll design a fountain rock and a metal base dragonfly which will hover over the rock, followed by glass cutting skills. You can leave a few spaces on your rock to add your personally cut flowers of course, if you’d like. 

By handling the precut flowers and tiles you will get a feel for the look we will be going for when we start practicing our glass cutting skills!!!!


Interested in a private class?! Minimum of 3-4 students  
Get some friends and family together and lets create a personal class!
Class price is per person :)


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