Dragonfly Rocks Online Tutorial Class

In this class Carol introduces you to her complete process in creating Mosaic Dragonfly Rocks! My Trade secrets revealed: my finishing technique, favorite adhesives and additives. The techniques shared can be used in an array of outdoor applications.

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Online Class


Interested in taking a group class with Carol in person?

I will soon be offering In Person Classes.  

I am working on all the details and classes should be available Spring of 2018.

I will offer classes in Ocean Shores, I know some of you would love the idea of a little getaway :)
These classes will include the materials and use of the tools needed to create your own beautiful rock along with up close and personal assistance by myself. 
Price to be determined


If you have a group of friends that would Love to take this classs but really don't have the time to travel I will come to you.
A minimum of 6 students is required.  This class will include the materials and use of the tools needed to create your own beautiful rock along with personal guidance by myself.
Price to be determined 

In both of these classes you will learn the complete process I have perfected over the past 10 years creating 1000's of these Garden Treasures.
During the class I will go over my complete grouting process (grouting a rock in class) and send you home with access to a detailed video of the process that you can follow along as you grout your rock!!!

If you take one of these classes you will have the option of purchasing my complete online class for a generous discount.  So there is no leaving the class and how did she do that!!  The answers will be just a click away!!



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